How does Track Import Dates really work?

I’ve read to user guide with regards to Import Dates, and one question seems unanswered:
Can you change between the three settings and the library will update accordingly - without loosing any information?
i.e. set to Roon Import Timestamp albums will appear in the Recently Added in the Overview - which is good when adding content to the library. However, I prefer to have it set to File Creation Time when browsing/playing my albums, the Added date will reflect when I got my hands on the material (before I started using Roon).
So can I just change between these two settings according to what I’m currently doing - without loosing any information?
Br Jan

Well, I read the whole User Guide about Library Settings, which in the beginning explained that it is created to be “powerful and totally non-destructive” - so I jumped the gun and tested it and the conclusion is:
YES, you can switch back and forth between the settings as you whish:

and those three selections match the file informations:
however in reversed order - but that doesn’t matter at all.
I’m happy for the way it is implemented :smiley:

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