How hard is the OpenGL requirement?

I’m interested in tinkering with HQP, but I would prefer to run it on a VM under VMWare ESXi. The host has plenty of CPU cores (20 cores/40 threads), but no OpenGL-capable graphics hardware. Will I even be able to run HQP in this environment?

As far as I’m aware, the OpenGL requirement is for using the full screen/touch UI only.

That said I’ve never ran HQP on a non-OpenGL machine – maybe others will chime in. That – or just live dangerously and try it out yourself. :wink:


You can try and run RoonServer, and use something else to control it, like an OpenGL capable machine, iPad, iPhone, Android.

Please take a look at the downloads page for the choices.

HQPlayer Embedded may be of interest. It has no gui at all.

My question is regarding HQPlayer, not Roon. I already run Roon Core in the way that you describe.

Note: the 30 minute per session fully featured trial applies to HQPlayer Embedded, but it will not tell you that’s why it is quitting. So just be aware that playback will stop with some arcane error message. Beyond that, if you’re interested, there is a thread on Computer Audiophile. It’s in late stages of beta now and quite stable with perhaps a bit of a learning curve for setup.

Edited to add: Linux only. Don’t know if that would be an pro or con in your case.