How have they recorded (created ?) this 96kHz/24bit track

Album does sound fine, but that is not the point.
I am sure the cd-quality version will sound fine as well.
I do wanna know/ be sure that I get what I buy and paying for.
The fact I can or cannot hear it does not change that.
The whole audio business (equipment and music) would cease to exist.

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I understand your point in that you should be getting what you paid for but my point is that the high end audio business uses measurements made by equipment that far exceeds the abilities of normal human hearing (self proclaimed golden eared audiophiles are excluded) as a club to beat us poor audiophiles into submission. Pure nonsense. Listen to and enjoy the music, not the measurements.


I don’t think you can draw that conclusion. The result will also depend on the original capture process. If it’s captured native dsd (which your new download is - I hope) then a good pcm conversion will look like that. If some of the original capture - or intermediate processing - was done using 48kHz converters before being converted to dsd for SACD distribution, then the spectrogram might well look like the first example…

OK, it is not yet Tuesday evening but the album under investigation is:
“Alela Diane - Live at the Map Room”, which I downloaded at Qobuz.

Reason for revealing the album now, is that I am pretty much assured that the album is not published in (hidden) mqa format.

I have verified it with the ‘MQASCAN’ tool, that can be found at MQATools at Audiophilestyle

Still very curious what will be the answer of Qobuz.


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Apparently recorded at The Map Room Studio in Portland. They list Pro Tools HD and 24 track analog tape, so not obviously anything dsd. It will be interesting to hear what Qobuz say!

@anon90297517 - did you hear from Qobuz?

Unfortunately not.
To be honest, I am not expecting a response anymore.


In the overall scheme of things, it’s probably not their highest priority…

However - how about emailing The Map Room? Much (much!) smaller, and might be happy to respond to questions about how it was tracked, mixed, and distributed. You never know.

I have never heard about ‘The Map Room’.
Do you have more info

It’s cross linked from the Alela Diane website.