How I can add simply favorites?

It’s my second day in trial period.
And I can’t find where I can add simply *favorites *?
And when I’m searching for a radio station, I can add them to *Bibliothek *(library). But I can’t find any marker with this name, Bibliothek (library) . Where I can find my saved radio station?

Under My Live Radio on the Menu. The Menu btw is gotten to via the 3 dash icon in the top left.

You can favorite anything in your library, by clicking the Heart. click once for favorite, click again to ban, click again to get back start. If it is NOT in your library you will not get the heart option.

Thanks for your reply.
Next question : I added now with the *:heart: * a lot of titles. But how I find them easily?

At the top of the Artist, Album and Track view screens you’ll see a little heart at the upper left. Click on it and it will show your favorites.

Thanks for replying.
But there’s no heart symbol in the upper left. I tried every screen.
Maybe it’s different in the android version?

Some of the functionality in Roon doesn’t show up on the phone version of the Android App. You need a tablet or the PC version to make all of it available.

Thank you.
I’m surprised that this function is not available in the android version on the smartphone.
Maybe they’ll add it.