How I can play ".ape" format?

Hi! Eric.
I have some music with the .ape format, but ROON can’t display this format. Could you let know if ROON can play this format and how I can play it with ROON?

Hi @Chunxiao_Zhang — Thank you for the PM/question! We usually handle any Roon/support related inquiries out on the community site so other users have access to any tips, information, or troubleshooting advice being shared. In light of this, I have went ahead and made this post a public topic.

Our current list of supported audio formats can be located here.


On my Mac, I convert APE files to FLAC format using either the free XLD utility or Faasoft Audio Converter. I’m sure there are free options for the PC environment and plenty of inexpensive conversion applications.


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Roon doesn’t do APE, you need to convert them to FLAC, WAV or another format that Roon supports. Freeware:

long ago i posted here:

it seems most people have moved on from Monkey’s Audio.

Moved from Monkey’s to FLAC several years ago, but still miss their mascot, though :neutral_face:

I use Xrecode 3 to convert any fileformat to flac. From Sacd Isos to Ape.

You can use Foobar2000. It’s free and effective. But you’ll need to download the also free flac.exe program and get foobar to point to it, if i remember rightly. It’s been a while since I set it all up :slight_smile:

Lossless to lossless, so should be no loss in SQ. I convert any ape I come across immediately to Flac.

Incidentally, Foobar is pretty cool for downsampling hi res and converting DSF/DSD to Flac also.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: