How I seem to have fixed my audio problem

Hi all, just thought I’d share a success I seem to have had in case anyone has similar problems.
I use Roon with a NAD T758 and also a couple of Bluesound nodes. I have Roon Core on a NUC and my music library on a Synology NAS. I mainly however use Tidal
Recently I started getting crackles and static at regular intervals. So I took steps to try to pin it down. It was happening both with Roon and with the Bluesound controller using Tidal. It was not happening if went through the Tidal app direct.
Well, to cut a long story short, I seem to have found the solution. I hardly use the Bluesound app - perhaps for radio stations and as alarm clock. Otherwise its Roon. What I had forgoten about though - I had recently updated user passwords on the Synology NAS where the music library is, and of course updated that too on Roon for accessing the music share.
But because I never use the Bluesound app for accessing my music library, I had not paid attention to the fact that it now had a music share stored that it could no longer access … As soon as I reset the NAS password on the BlueSound app and re-indexed the music library on Bluesound the problem of static and crackles disappeared also from Roon using Tidal … at least, fingers crossed, that seems to be the case now after a couple of days.
Well perhaps that seems obvious to many of you here … but for me it was a direction I hadn’t thought of and I was quite happy about the process of trial and deduction that - I hope - has finally solved the problem! :slight_smile: