How I set up Roon on when I turn on my PC

I have just installed Roon Core on my new PC. I don’t know how to set up Roon automatically on when I turn on my PC


On my linux install my roon server starts automatically. Is this not the default Windows behaviour? I’m making an assumption you are using Windows.

The Roon server should start automatically and should need you to do nothing

Look in Task manager on the “startup” tab and see if there is an entry for Roon:

Enable it and it should start Roon when Windows starts.
Check this thread for one way to do it:

Or like Michael said install Roon server.

Using Windows on a PC, then merely turning on the PC won’t be sufficient, you will also need to log in as the user who has installed the Roon software, and have Roon added to Startup in Task Manager.

What some people do (particularly for headless servers) is to install Roon Server, instead of the full Roon, and set Windows to automatically log in the user when the PC is powered up. Roon Server has an option to launch on start-up when the user logs in to Windows.

Setting up an automatic log in:


Thanks Geoff, I add Roon in startup tab and it works.

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