How I think Jazz album should be displayed

I’m not satisfied with the way Jazz albums are displayed at the moment. I think for many of us, the lineup on a particular track is of much greater importance than, say, the composer (which is displayed now).

On each and every Jazz album, the lineup is featured prominently, so it seems to be relevant information. Yes, I know, the information is in the Credits section. But for albums where the personnel changes from track to track this means excessive clicking – which is not what I want.

I found a way to achieve what I want using the Personnel tag. After some hours of experimenting I found that using “Personnel Some Name - Group” gives the most consistent result. Less than elegant, I know. The final result looks like this:

It would be better to have the instruments, too. That’s not possible with Roon right now.

Here’s the album’s entry in

Still looks better. Please, dear staff at Roon, give us the option to display our Jazz albums like this.

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+1 for me.

It would also be nice when browsing the artist to distinguish and have the option to only display the albums where the musician is the leader and not is a side player, or vice versa.

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Where do you find the Personnel tag? My listening is 95% jazz, so that feature would be really useful.

You have to do it with an external tag editor. Syntax is here:

I do it with the MusiChi Tagger, where I can do it in a semi-automated way from the Album Artists tags in my files.

Note that something like PERSONNEL=“Paul Chambers - Bass” is possible, but in this case the information is displayed only in the Credits sections. To have it near the tracks, you must use PERSONNEL=“Paul Chambers - Group” (found by trial and error).