How import files to internal SSD

I just bought a Nucleus Plus from an authorized dealer, “Upscale Audio.”

I installed a Samsung 2TB SATA internal SSD inside the Nucleus without issues, and apparently was successful in initializing the drive, as it now appears in Storage as “Nucleus Plus Internal Storage.”

My Wav file are on a USB drive attached to the Nucleus.

How do I import those files into the Samsung internal SSD?

The “Knowledge Base” provides a few instructions, but those abandon me to technical talk about a “shared folder.” I am not knowledgable about Networks. That’s why I bought the Nucleus, which is advertised and promoted as plugNplay with computer and network knowledge not required.

Can I import files from my USB drive to my internal SSD using the IPad control Ap (if so, how - step-by-step-step) or must I use my desktop Windows 10 computer?

If I must use my Windows 10 desktop, what Roon software, if any, must be on the computer, and exactly how do I proceed - step-by-step.

Thanks for your help.

Dave Wurzel
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Thank you

Shouldn’t you be asking Upscale Audio?

Hey @David_Wurzel — Thanks for reaching out!

The best way to do move files into the internal storage of the Nucleus+ is to copy files over the network. This can be done from your Windows 10 desktop. No special software is required for this, you’ll just need to transfer the files using File Explorer.

In File Explorer you can access the Nucleus+ by entering \\NUCLEUSPLUS\Data\Storage\InternalStorage. Now you can copy your files right into this folder from your Windows machine.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!



Hi David
I do this with my mac. It Takes a Very Very long Time… Is there no direct way to import from the external hard disc?

I have the same question…yes, the above can be done but literally I am looking at multiple DAYS to transfer 3TB of files…that seems a bit extreme. Doing this from drive to drive on the Mac isn’t quick but still less than 12 hrs. Why isn’t it faster or is there not a faster way to transfer files from an ext HDD attached to the back of the Nucleus to an internal Samsung SSD I mounted and formatted. There really needs to be a better way or do I just not know that there is a better way??

This is the most common error. One should connect the external HDD to the computer used to control the data transfer (if possible) otherwise the data gets transferred from the external HDD over the network of the Nucleus to the computer that controls the transfer and back again to the Nucleus and onto the internal SSD, halving the available bandwidth and thus doubling the transfer duration. One should also use a wired connection for the transfer – move either the small Nucleus, the PC/Laptop or both if needed.

Thank you so much! That makes much more sense I do not have it set up like that so I will try it that way and see how it goes.

Thanks to all for the help! I went with blackjacks method from the other post. I just moved my Mac back into the room where the nucleus was, attached the ext HDD drive back to the Mac and started dragging and dropping to the internal storage SSD I installed in the NUCLEUS from there. Looks like it will be a much faster transfer now with only about 7hr for 3 TB as opposed to 7 days had I performed it purely by the network with the drive attached to the nucleus. This will be a one time operation I hope. After that for just adding the occasional album that I purchase and download I don’t mind if that takes 5 to 10 minutes per album since it will only be a handful at a time.

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