How Important Is the Source Path To Music Files

This just came to mind this morning and I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge if one way or another is better for you source files.

My files are 95% ripped from CD or SACD and 5% (and growing) from Lossless Download purchases. Currently I use Apple (iTunes) Music as the tool to manage my library. I either rip the files from dBpoweramp or download from the purchase source typically Qobuz and Bandcamp. Those files reside on my MacBook in the Finder under Music with a folder for each source. I then import them using the Import function in iTunes to an external SSD where my music files exist from which I use primarily Roon but occasionally iTunes or Sonos App for playback.

So, my source for my files now to Roon is shown as “This Mac > MWK Music Library” and Roon does find the files properly. However when looking closer at the path it also includes the following "This Mac > MWK Library > Music (but under this Music the additional items Album Artwork, iTunes Library Extras.itdb, iTunes Library Genius.itdb, iTunes Library.itl, iTunes Music Library.xml and Music Media). From Music Media the path continues and under Music Media the following are found. Audiobooks, Automatically Download, Automatically Add To Music, and then Music from which all of the music files reside.

For playback of Roon would they be any performance or sound quality advantage to have a separate SSD where the path would be more like This MacBook > MWK Music Library > Music > Music Files?

Or is just much ado about nothing and I should have another cup of coffee?

Thanks for thoughts and insights or comments on how you manage your music path for Roon.

This is just storage location and doesn’t matter. Have another cup of coffee. :grinning:

I think you worry way too much and should just enjoy the music and that coffee of yours :slight_smile: