How is "Focus on Similar" supposed to work?

I am probably just too stupid to figure this out:

When I have selected an Album, I can press “Focus on similar”. When I do this, in my example a contemporary symphony by composer Hans Werner Henze, I get a “suggestion list” that contains about 20% of my whole library and “proposes” anything from “popular tenor arias” to Bruckner symphonies to Mahler Lieder to Tony Banks…

How is this supposed to help me “focussing” on something similar, ie another symphony from that composer or a composer from the same period. etc. etc.

Any help orr advise is much appreciated.

… later followed by:

Thanks. To summarise those posts: It’s a gimmick that has been around since 4 years or so but is really pretty much useless.

It that case, maybe we can have a “feature-removal-request”. Or even better, get this to work in some meaningful way - by using artificial intelligence maybe?

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I am stunned. :scream: