How is Roon handling Artists?

I ask this question because I’m puzzled about what has happened in this library.

Rather than use a global “Various” I have created two distinct groups “A - Various” for classical albums and “AP-Various” for popular fare and, at one stage had albums sorted this way if a particular artist was not obvious.

However I now find hundreds of “Various” artists, nearly all of whom where previously in one of the above two categories. This appears to have happened quite recently.

The good news is that on editing, Roon often lists other artists one can choose instead of “Various” but for others, the alternative is my previous “A - Various” or “AP-Various”. This is very puzzling. I applaud alteration of album data if actual artists could be named instead of the relatiovely useless “Various” in all its forms, but if Roon is to change what was previously there why replace my “A - Various” with “Various” if other artists have been found? And similarly, if no specific artists were located, why change “A - Various” at all?

Please note I’m very pleased Roon has found many of the artists I had not listed before but would appreciate understanding what is going on and if any of my current settings are causing this. I checked the global settings but failed to find any answer.