How it works ? Any documentation?

How this program works ? Do you have a doc, something ?
I installed on my NAS. Nothing appeared.
I had idea to install on my android phone, it recognized the roon server on my NAS. Magic.

And then ?

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS415+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Start by reading this.

Have you told Roon where your music files are

Settings Storage

no, how can I do that ?

Hey Fred, look at the minimum requirements for the Core then get stuck in. Enjoy…

I didn’t read the requirements but I suppose my NAS is powerfull enough, I can read 24/192khz for hours with DS audio

Your NAS has an Atom CPU so is unlikely to meet the minimum requirements for Roon, note the min CPU and SSD and RAM requirements , It May work but it looks way underpowered with no OS SSD. Roon is very demanding

To tell Roon where your music is , goto Settings on the LHS menu then go to Storage

Yes ! I added my music stored on my 10y old NAS. The Core works perfectly.

BTW the monitor show me less than 10% of CPU usage (often 4%) when streaming from HDD (old too), so I don’t understand why Atom or Celeron processors are not recommended (maybe to sell Nucleus ;-)). I support 2 parallel Blueray 4K Atmos streaming so … music even in 24/384 is like nothing :slight_smile:

Streaming is not CPU intensive, at least to one zone. However, Roon can stream to several zones at once and has advanced DSP features that are CPU intensive. Same with searching and the Focus feature with large libraries. Using these would bring your hardware to its knees quickly. Roonlabs surely want to avoid customers being disappointed as soon as they enable any of this

Crystal clear, thank you.
Roon can be a good excuse to change my old NAS. I was reading the recommendations and they are large, generic and too little specifics.
Do you know a model (Synology has my preference) that works perfectly ?

Sorry, no idea, I am using a NUC with ROCK. If a NAS has a similar class of CPU as it’s recommended for ROCK, you should be fine. Maybe go one step higher than with ROCK to account for the other NAS functions.

You must have an SSD for the Roon operating system and database, the music storage can be on spinning disks

The hardware recommendations for ROCK are here:

And for generic machines:

Else, you will surely find info in the #roon:qnap-synology category

I’m using a Synology DS918+, using @crieke’s Synology package, music also stored on the NAS, and have seen no recent problems. I have about a dozen endpoints around the house, but usually using only one or two at a time. Several hundred albums locally, and a Qobuz subscription.

Yes, this is suboptimal, but if you don’t use much DSP, it will work fine. Max out your RAM.

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