How long are records marked as "new"?

Hello there,

I recently bought Roon and imported my whole music library. But since this is my initial migration of all music data to Roon, none of all those records are really new.

Furthermore it has been days since I imported everything. Still all marked as “new”. How do I get rid of the "new-sticker?

For unplayed albums, the ‘new’ label is shown for 7 days. Here’s Danny on the logic behind ‘new’:

How do you expect Roon to know when you purchased the music? I think you are expecting too much.

Thanks… if these banners disappear after 7 days I can live with that. and yes: due to a lack of spare time i installed roon first and added tracks days afterwards, so the logic behind point 3 you mentioned would fit.

I do not expect Roon to be clairvoyant. I am just saying that it makes sense to put “new”-banners on every albums when you firstly and initially import them into the software.

Read point 3 in RBM’s post above and you will see, that I am right and roon thinks the same way. The problem was, that I only had time to import days after I installed Roon.