How long between reboots?

The title says it all. Just looking at my ROCK admin page it has been up, trouble and glitch free for 21 days, used daily. Three zones in use all working well.

56 days uptime on ROCK since build 158. Server uptime is 21 days since build 323. It has been very stable this year overall, mainly I think because I stopped using Sonos at Christmas. 5 zones (DietPi) but only 3 used daily.

Aside from updates and power outages my nuc runs pretty much without attending it at all. My web server running Linux seldom gets a restart ever…I think the longest I ran it was 261 days without a reboot

Ditto. Six months without a hiccup. Except for updates and outages.

What did you do with Sonos (if I may ask)? I am just now trying to run a Sonos zone (six units) and the results were not stellar.

I had two Connects and a the smallest single speaker (Play One?). I managed to sell a connect and the play One but still have a Connect left gathering dust. They were simply too unreliable with Roon (‘Roon lost control of the audio device’…or whatever the message was, plus stoppages in playback) and I still see that a year on from this people are having exactly the same issue. Just before trialling Roon I had wanted to replace Sonos anyway with something that could play HD files, so after I built my first Pi, the next 4 were easy! I did try Bluesound/NAD but that proved to be disastrous (see thread), so I stuck with RPIs.
Since moving to all Pi endpoints there have been no issues at all with playback stability.