How long can a topic not about MQA remain not about MQA?

But it’s not possible to have a thread about MQA that’s actually about MQA, is it?

That’s the Catch22.

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Peter_Sills took the bait. Suggest thread has run its course. Terrific fun. Ben folds twice still makes me laugh.

No discussion about MQA actually needed here


What a shame, I was really hoping to learn a bit more about the Mining Qualifications Authority. :grin:

Hook, line, and sinker!

Also known as HLS.

Which is better than other acronyms.

Do you mean TLA’s?



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Lasted far longer than I thought it would but got some pretty good replies. I agree Ben Folds Twice is a clear winner. I think the prize is a decoder ring. Or at least a deblurred picture of a decoder ring.


Congratulation on the win, A Quality Medal.

Round 2?

MQA 2 - The Unfolding

Good point, Ludwig.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a White Stripes album:

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Oh… that is good … I like that. Imagine the Elephant unfolded !! The Dead Weather is on the list too.

@dpstjp Started an Origami club here but the Elephant in the Roon caused it to fold


My Roon isn’t unfolding. Where can I get an elephant? And why is there no information about this in the KB? Such bad support!

@Ludwig Apologies for typo in my first post on this forum

When it comes to discussions about unfolding, I simply can’t accept an apology.

I’m confused.

I assume this was the original source?

How did they de-blur it without unfolding it? Or is this the pre-unfolded-deblurred which can be done in software before the final de-blur de-smear folding in the DAC?


Top marks! But the situation would be clearer were you to use other material, for example a crane.

I fundamentally disagree. Because the crane could still be an older or inferior model - it’s never going to stop it being a rusty old heap of junk. They should rebuild or at least repaint the crane first. Either way I don’t trust them.