How long does full Tidal integration take?

Moved from Apple Music to Tidal a few months ago. Pretty seamless library transfer.
I just picked up a Roon Nucleus, first time user.
Setting up everything was fairly painless, but I notice the integration of my Library/favorites from Tidal into Roon is glacial. That’s okay for now but I’m curious how long it took other Roon users. A couple weeks? A couple months?
I can be very patient if I know it will happen and I don’t have to jump through any hoops with either app.

How large is your library? 1TB of music could take a day or two depending on not only the speed of the CPU in the Nucleus but also the speed the storage the library lives on and your internet bandwidth and more importantly, the latency of each request for more data.

Roon is analyzing each and every track to ‘know’ about it in many ways and establish relationships with other music in your library as well as Tidal.

Tidal albums you marked as ‘Heart’/Favorite should appear within a few moments of logging into Tidal within the Roon Services setup.