How long is your queue?

I wonder what the typical style is for Roon users…

Roon allows for a long play queue - you can plan for a long time into the future what you are going to listen to. Wonderful! I love that! I have typically several days of queue to look forward to. Different kinds of music after each other, added by inspirations from the different features in Roon, from articles in the internet, or in discussion forums, a suddenly appearing memory, or whatever. I then look forward to hear what I have just added, even though I know that it will take days before getting there.

So, my typical queue is about 5-6 days long.

But am I a complete freak on this account? What is more common? How long is your queue?

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No queue at all, don’t use playlists, never have and never will.
I just play one complete album at a time, then pick something else when it’s done.
Or not depending how long the chores list is that day!


That is exactly my process as well.


And mine. I suppose I have been using physical media for too long :grinning:

Having said that, my earliest memories of playing ‘records’ was on one of these (not my image):

Like many record players of the time, you could stack multiple records on the spindle and it would play them in succession. In fact we even had some opera recordings on multiple (8 or 10 from memory) 78’s that required you to put the whole stack on the player- play the ‘A’ sides consecutively from start to finish, then remove the stack, invert it, replace the stack and play the ‘B’ sides one at a time in reverse order. Timewise, of course, that is still only the same as one double disk album.


Yes, that is my approach. I tend to stay away from personal disclosures as to my means and motives, but I did not subscribe to Roon and Qobuz in order to organize. I use them both as I would have early in life…as a jukebox. I look at new release albums or play an album in my genre of choice in Qobuz which also has its own Playlists drop down upon which I occasionally click. I do this when I do not have time to play a CD or when I cannot locate an album in my CD collection without spending unavailable time. If any of this requires too much diddling, I’ll simply play SONOS/Pandora for background music. But the OP is invested in the pattern of people other than I.


Hehe - I remember to have played with such a grammophone as a child, but not really used it for the joy of music, just as a fun, antique thing to investigate.

I guess that there has has always been some kind of idea about setting up a play queue? There were also CD players along the way with room for several CDs.

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Amen Brother Ace.
I might queue up a days worth of albums, but as I am listening to the current album I often change my mind about what I want to listen to next :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This brings back memories that I have already confessed and been forgiven for :pray::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Quite. Absolution and forgiveness required and sought as such a ‘setup’ is not HiFi and it is obviously not Roon compatible in any way, shape or form so it has no place on this forum :rofl: :rofl:


5,037 Tracks. I use a Focus that I’ve bookmarked to only play certain genres (no Xmas, etc.), play only albums with a minimum rating, and only tracks I have not ever played; on shuffle. I listen to albums when I’m exploring new music, but I almost never go back and listen to an album from my youth. Been there, done that.


Sometimes a few days worth, sometimes no queue at all. I tend to play more or less whole albums (mostly whole, but there are albums where I love most, but really really dislike one or two tracks), EPs and singles, sometimes I add just a single track or two from a disc. Sometimes I add to end of queue, other next (not too unusual to suddenly switch from chorals to Japanese noise rock or industrial rock unplanned a few days later), some times I end the queue, Play now.


That about the youth music - I must admit that I also feel less for some of that than I once did. On the other hand, I did not necessarily follow the trends so at times I discover something that was popular in my youth, just not for me at that time, but now I find it interesting to investigate it.

I have a few albums like this with one or more tracks disliked.

My solution is just to ‘ban’ the disliked tracks so that they do not get queued when I queue the album. If my wife were to queue the same album she would get the whole album because she uses a separate profile (and thus my banned tracks to not affect her - and she can ban her own tracks without affecting me).

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Smart concept, I think!

Yeah, I know that feeling - and I was happy to find out that I could switch on another option - for “Add next” - so that the sudden ideas can be squeezed in whenever I want :slight_smile:


TLDR: it depends… Right now it is 4805 tracks, (13:04:17:49), for more details read on…

My listening changes depending on my mood. I Usually queue a “shuffle” of all my music for general background listening. I use my remote (OSMC on my Ropieee endpoint in the “main” listening area) to skip anything that I am not interested in “right now”. If I hear something that I want more of then I add more of it to the queue. I often “refresh” this all music shuffle by clearing the queue and reshuffling.

Then there are the times when I use playlists, like my well known “test” tracks for new gear testing or reviewing. Or just playlists of my favorites.

And finally there are times when I clear the queue and fill it with albums, genres, or tracks I want to hear “right now”. Or particular classical concertos or soundtracks I might add the whole album. Or lists of songs from programs (series of TV or streamed shows that have lots of good songs or background music).

I used to use Tidal to “discover” new music but canceled my account due to various reasons. Might look into Qobuz if I need to find new music…

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18 tracks (0:01:44:10).

I’d love to queue up many more, but I’m never certain when I can get the future listening in.

I’m finding the album to be a less intentional package: rather, I’m playing a bundle by mood.

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As a lot above I pick and choose albums, even down to single classical works as part albums then move on.

I even have Roon Radio turned off these days so it forces me to pick.

Maximum one album. I play music very intuitive.

hmmm, seems like I’m well adopted to the digital age, as I rarely listen to a full album. Its playlists or shuffle most of the time.
And when I want to discover new stuff the queue gets long quickly, adding tracks from New album suggestions, roon or qobuz playlists.
Since I usually dont have the time to listen on for several hours and it may take a few days to the next listening session, I often have no idea from where I added the tracks later on.
Would be cool to have roon adding in that info: instead of “added by hans” (its alway me) roon could write the souce page the tracks were added from, e.g. “added by hans fom roon Playlist Roon Icons I” or “added from qobuz playlist whatever” At least for tracks that are not in my albums library this would be useful.

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