How long should 'Adding music to libary take on a new install / import

Roon Core Machine

OS: Docker on Unraid - using: Docker Hub
CPU: Intel i7-11700
RAM: More than enough

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mikrotik router and switches. Core is Ethernet, Wifi only to some ‘smart’ speakers (all of this is working fine)

Connected Audio Devices

USB / AirPlay / GoogleCast

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Hello, after struggling for a very long time with other player solutions, the other day I stumbled into Roon and Wow!

I just have on question… How long should I expect the importing audio spinning wheel to be there at the top of the App? Apart from one reboot early on Roon Core has been up 24/7 for almost 2 weeks and it is still going. The Core is in a docker on an Unraid server and sits around 3% CPU and 10Gb of RAM usage most of the time so i guess it is doing something… haha…

I wouldn’t say my library is huge, but it is a lifetime of collecting at a little over 363,000 tracks.

Everything seems to be there and is fast and snappy,
Just wondering what I should be expecting, other than that 100% loving Roon!


A library that large could take many days…I have 330k tracks and it takes a while…16gb ram at least recommended, and if you are not on SSD then give up

Thanks for the fast reply Wizard,
That was kinda what I was thinking… I’ll just be patient.

To elaborate, the server has 32Gb of RAM currently sitting at 52% utilization and Roon lives on an NVMe drive

You can also make sure the system is allocated enough cores in library settings as this will improve the analysis speed, but impact roon performance. I switch this while using roon to throttled and when I head to bed bump it up to use all bar one core.

Not sure forgiving docker is. I do this on a windows 10700 with 16gb and it’s ok but on a clean install I
Expect it to take some time.

Setup your database backups to at least 2 locations.

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Ahhh wow, didn’t know that option was there!

Yes it was set to ‘Throttled’… winding that one up :wink:

Thanks again!


Oh and welcome to the community too :sunglasses:


In the same location it should also tell you how many tracks imported and how many already analyzed.
So you should have a good idea of progress so far.

Something like…

From memory of course, might actually say tracks after it.


If I were you, then I would turn off “Background audio analysis” and “On-demand audio analysis”. I would start them again after Roon finished importing the library.
I would do something else, but this is a more awkward action: I would put music in storage in stages, not all at once.


Thanks All,

@AceRimmer yes, there is a counter there, apparently we are 1/3rd of the way…

@DanielAvasilichioaei I wight look at changing those settings as well, but as for importing bit by bit… I think that ship has sailed :wink: but maybe next time!


Hey @J_Dubs thanks for reaching out. It looks like you’ve already received a plethora of wonderful replies from others in the Community (Thanks so much everyone!)

I wanted to check in and see how things are going? Let us know if you’re in need of any assistance, we’re happy to help!

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