How long should it take to install RoonServer on Synology 1515+?

I’m installing RoonServer_Synology_x86_64_2018-03-07.spk on Synology 1515+ with DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. It’s still “installing” in more than 15 minutes now.
The “RoonServer” folder is an external USB SSD (I modified the original “usbshare1” name).
I have tried restart the NAS and it still hangs when installing the spk. I wonder if there is something wrong?

I don’t know what takes so long (update: perhaps the great firewall), but have you upgraded the RAM? 2GB might not be enough.

I have 6 GB RAM. Now it prompts a failure. But I can’t find the error log or the reason.

I’m using a proxy server with global proxy mode(also have tried gfwlist mode). Is there some special network setting for the .spk installation?

There is no special network connection required for the installation.
However, I have heard from some users in china, that the download speed of the Roon Server binary files, which the Synology installer grabs during the setup process takes very long.

This file is downloaded during installation. Is the download speed ok, if you download it with your computer (in the same network)?

Yes, it’s very slow (about 17-20KB/s) downloading the file. Probably the network is the reason of the failure. I’m trying to force the installation to use proxy server.
Can I download the file and put it in RoonServer folder to speed the installation?
And does the file system format matter?(I’m using an external SSD in NTFS)

With the current package, this is not possible. But it should be easy to add the feature to the spk. Let me look into it…

For best performance, the filesystem should be ext4. You can format the SSD in Control Panel -> External devices and choose ext4. (This process will wipe your data on the volume.)

Thank you. Now the spk was installed after a whole night. Though there is an error prompt, but I found it installed successfully. I suppose it’s still downloading necessary files during the night in backgroud. And it works fine.

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