How long should Roon take to connect to core on Nucleus after Router restart?

I have a large library (300,000+ songs) on an SSD on my Nucleus+ and it’s taking a l-o-n-g time to connect.

I don’t know if there’s a technical issue with my Nucleus or Router, or if it’s normal to take hours or days to connect after a restart of my Nucleus and Router.

What’s everyone’s experience and time it takes to connect after a restart of their router and nucleus?

Seconds. Mock build (i7 8700) on an ASRock H310M-ITX. And it never took more than a few seconds on my old i5 NUC build. But the thing very few of us would be able to replicate is that library size. How is your network arranged?

Hi Henry,

I was trying to use a powerline, but was unable to connect that way, even though the internet was good using my mac connected to Ethernet via a Thunderbolt hub. Now I’ve unplugged the pair of Powerlines and have plugged the Nucleus directly into my fritzbox router.

My mac is connected via wifi as are my other I-devices.

There have been some issues with fritzboxes, I suggest you look at this

Many thanks for this link, wish I’d seen it before. I can’t find the ‘Software packet acceleration’ feature that needs to be disabled. Does anyone know where it is, I have a Fritzbox 7490 and have just updated the software to the latest software version 7.11