How many "1st year members" are unhappy about the price increase without notification?

Obviously I am one. I signed up in August thinking I’ll try it for a year and see if I like it and will upgrade if I do. I don’t think thats an unusual thing to do.

Please comment here if u r in the same boat as me. Let’s see how many of us are there and if the number is good enough to convince Roon to give us at-least a week to go lifetime.


Yes, I don’t mind the price raise, but the warning window to get the old being only for new customers only is tough to swallow.

Roon suggested we publicly lobby Amazon to open their HD service to Roon. We ought to do the same for Roon in hopes they will give existing users a small window for the old price.

If we don’t express our views, nothing will change. So please, if you’re an existing user who would like a shot at the old pricing, please let your voice be known to Roon. It takes only 60 seconds of your time to do so :+1:


Yes, I too am extremely unhappy at the no-warning price rise without giving existing customers the opportunity to purchase at the old price. Very poor. I purchase a lot of software across various platforms, and not one other supplier would fail to give existing customers warning of the old price and an opportunity to purchase at the old price. Not one. Come on Roon – let existing customers have a brief window to purchase at the old price and do not treat us with such disrespect.


Same emotions here. I was very surprised to see that the price for lifetime had been raised by 200 dollars after the upgrade to 1.7. I have only been on board since the beginning of this month!!
So not amused! :angry:


If you’ve only been on board since the beginning of this month, then you should qualify to be able to go lifetime for the old price. See Danny’s post:


Anybody who has a current annual subscription should be able to convert to lifetime at the price that was current when they started the sub, ie $499. I don’t know what the law is in the States, but I am pretty sure that in the UK and Europe this would be the case under consumer law, unless the possibility of a price rise was explicitly stated at the time of the subscription. I am probably not the only person who thinks this would be the decent thing to do, though I am now even less likely to go lifetime.


That would definitely not be consumer law in at least a few European countries that I know of. You enter in a contract for the annual subscription. This has got nothing to do with the lifetime purchase.

I entered into a contract for an annual subscription that included the right to buy a lifetime subscription for $499 and receive a pro-rata credit on the remainder of my annual subscription. The issue would be whether Roon made it clear to me that the lifetime price might change during the period of the annual subscription at the time I took it out. I am not sure that they did. There’s a reasonable case to argue. As I’m not interested in a lifetime subscription I will leave it to others to argue.

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I would genuinely be interested in knowing where exactly Roon stated you were entitled to buy the lifetime subscription for $499 when buying the annual subscription.

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On the pricing page on their website that looked very like this page, except the lifetime price was $499.

The page says “ Don’t worry, you can always convert to a Lifetime Membership or cancel easily.
We’ll credit you for any unused months when you decide to upgrade.”

The issue would be whether a reasonable person would interpret that as offering the conversion for $499 less the cost of unused months. I would. I can also see why Roon would want to wriggle out of it. Not interested in switching subscriptions myself though.

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I am first year member(Joined in July) and am really considering going lifetime. Normally you would expect some form of notice(say 30 days) for current users to make the upgrade…if you miss it then that’s on you. I would ask they reconsider their position for users who are getting acclimated to the Roon experience, mine has been great so far and I would likely make the jump to lifetime if we could convert our annual cost(prorated to $499/Lifetime).


While I don’t believe Roon are under a legal obligation to hold the original lifetime price for those that signed up to an annual membership, I believe that to have offered all existing annual members a window to upgrade would have been a more equitable move.


I am in the same boat as the rest of you, coming to the end of my first year subscription where I have been trialling Roon to ensure it is right for me.

We are missing the point here though, Roon do not want us as lifetime members. We are not worth enough value to them like that. Our loyalty is of no interest to them.

I understand their business model but you can’t offer something and then say “we don’t want you to take that option”. If it’s available then I am entitled to take it. Roon’s price hike is basically a way of making it unpalatable to most.

The way those of us who have invested in an annual subscription are being treated here is pretty poor. I think Roon forget it’s our money that has been funding them for the last 12 months.

Roon is good but not that good. If they do hold the line on this, I’ll happily return to Auralic’s Lightning DS that comes with my Aries. Roon haven’t even secured Amazon Music yet which will change their subscription numbers if they fail to do so. The price gap is too large, despite what some might like to say on here.

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Quite a surprise they increased the price by 200$ but even with that increase it’s worth buying, we’re ready to buy mega expensive systems but feel a little squeezed for a software license. The Roon team did an amazing job moving to 1.7 I think they deserve a raise!

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I’m in my first month of Roon use, had some problems with initial usage, got those resolved, and thought I’d try for a month before committing to a lifetime subscription. Frankly, I think an unannounced price increase is a fine way to tell current annual users “We don’t care about you.” I think there would’ve been a surge in lifetime subscriptions - myself included - if there was advance notice of the increase. Now I’m disgruntled, my opinion of Roon has changed, and not for the better. Too bad, because I was just beginning to enjoy the service.

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I don’t think that is a reasonable interpretation. It clearly says you will be refunded the subscription so you can purchase a lifetime membership [at the prevailing price].

I can understand how you are possibly being disappointed by the unannounced Lifetime price rise (but Danny has clearly explained why it was not pre-notified, and that explanation comes from sound reasoning of how Roon want to be funded going forward); but I cannot for the life of me understand how it reverses the enjoyment of the service; because the service is the same.

And rather than saying “We don’t care about you” (monthly subscribers), they are saying quite the opposite, monthly subscriptions is how they want the core model to be, and this monthly charge has not increased,

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See here about first month annual users still having access to the old price.

You may, but the price of the service you subscribe to has not changed. Lifetime is not an upgrade, it’s an alternative to an annual subscription that I suspect will not be available in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for the offer. I just submitted my request!