How many albums from Tidal saved in Roon?

Just got curious.

Overall, how many albums have Roon users saved in their libraries? Certainly in the tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands? MILLIONS?


Not sure if this kind of info could be shared, but still.

I guess one could “jump start” a collection and select all the genres on offer thus potentially adding all tidal content (maybe everything is not possible tho) to ones library.

Given the search integration between roon and tidal tho I am not sure if this is really needed.

I guess it’s one way to push your library performance to the limit :blush:

Yeah, but I was just curious as to how many albums altogether were saved by Roon users. Like a ballpark idea, just to get an idea of the size of this whole thing.

I have 3000 odd tidal tracks

I have 618

i have around 1200 albums from Tidal added; am building up a parallel collection of my 9000 odd HDD albums+extras as I stumble across them, but perhaps 15-20% of my collection is not on tidal so I won’t be adding all 9000 :slight_smile:

931 Tidal albums, 1600 local, no duplicates (sometimes I buy music I discovered on Tidal, because of long-term protection or access in my car, but then I delete the Tidal version).

37,147 Tidal tracks of 292,114 tracks

6,765 Tidal tracks of 32,121 total.

1325/15089 Albums

2492 albums. All Master albums from Tidal. Saved and tagged as MQA in Roon.

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Why would you do that? The SQ is the same or better through Tidal, and by continuing to listen to it through Tidal the artist will generate more streams and thus more money and recognition. I’m diong it the other way, by slowly and surely going through my offline albums, and when I find them in Tidal I remove the local storage album.

To answer your question

  1. Independency from the internet. My local files are always available,
  2. Unnecessary waste of resources. In our days everybody should deal with resources like electricity in a responsible way.
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Holy guacamole! Never seen a library this size!

Independancy from internet I can understand to a certain extent, although I always need to have internet so it’s just become a necessity for almost all of my work, entertainment and so on, but to save money on electricity I’m not sure I follow… do you turn of your router to save electricity? You would need some sort of computer to run Roon anyway, and that together with your sound system is what draws power, not the router, I’d imagine.

Not trying to be picky, I just don’t understand why. Also I think the artists deserve the extra streams though. :slight_smile:

It isn’t clear to me that artists make more money or recognition from streaming than from disk sales, I had thought it was the other way around.
In any case, that’s not my concern. I acquire the art legitimately, not through theft, weighing in on the various channels is beyond my ken.