How many internal SSD SATA storage may I connect in ROCK server?


I have implemented an Intel server that is compatible with ROCK very well, as I was told by a friend.
I want to migrate the 4x 2TB SSD external USB disks to several internal SATA SSD 2TB discs, is this possible or is it that only one SATA disk may be connected for internal music storage?

I wish have to the music on the internal SATA SSD drive as it’s much better and performs excellent.

I can not get the server to recognize more than one SATA SSD drive, I have to comment that the ROCK itself is installed on a M2 SSD OD 250GB.

Any indication or advice will be very appreciated.

ROCK is not designed for this scenario, but this thread indicates that someone has done it:

BTW, I’ve moved your post to the #tinkering category, which is where you will find people who tinker with Roon…