How many memberships?

Have a PC and Macbook, want to use both as system outputs. Don’t necessarily want to startup my big system with speakers and DAC, but want to hear music on either the PC or Macbook, depending on which is available to me at the time.

I downloaded and payed for Mac version couple of months ago. Now I want to download to PC as well. I did that, and installed it, but can’t get the PC to act as system output, even after I de-authorized Macbook as an output.

Pls don’t tell me I have to buy 2 memberships to play on either PC or Macbook. Pls advise.

You may wan’t to read the KB article about licenses and maybe also the KB article about Roon’s architecture.

Hi @Day_Radebaugh,

As BlackJack suggested, I definitely recommend checking out our licenses article.

Just to verify here, are you wanting to only use the PC as an output device? If so, you can continue to use the Mac as your Core machine — No need to unauthorize.

If you’re unable to see your System Output on the PC, it sounds like there is something blocking the connection. Can you try temporarily disabling the firewall on this device and see if that yields any change?

Thanks for the help. The article clarified the situation, and I should be in business.

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