How many parametric band filters is too many

I’m currently using 10 peak/dip band filters from 37hz to 353hz. I have only one listening zone. Does the use of 10 filters compromise the computing power/ SQ of the Roon Nucleus?

I use Omnimic to run room frequency response measurements. I use DSP to smooth peaks/ dips under 500hz. Results have been excellent.

Roon has said if typical processing speed is greater than 1.5x you’re fine.

Ok, great. Thanks.

I haven’t noticed any issues using 10 peak/ dip filters. Overall SQ is superior when DSP is activated. Again, I just wonder how many band filters can be utilized before things start to degrade. I guess that’s relative to all factors considered.

@Shalom_Morgan - I use convolution filters (WAV files) and have no problems.

Even DSD128 is just fine:


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