How many songs has Roon actually imported (8401 of 7733)?


How many songs actually i import from my library? The number show on the top is 8401 of 7733, How many i got? 8401 or 7733? FYI, I got 8401 songs in my library.

Thank you.

That’s an interesting one, I’ll tag @support.

Interesting finding. I checked my setup…
25242 of 24430 tracks.

This is due to hidden duplicates. Had the same more than a year ago. Try “Show hidden albums” under settings.

This was also my first idea, but this is not the solution in my case.
Please have a look:


Am I seeing this correctly that even the total number of tracks differs after toggle between “show hidden albums”? That is weird. Total should be the same. For me back then it solved it, but this is probably something else.

Only other thing I had with missing tracks was before roon accepted multichannel tracks. All my multichannel tracks were not showing, but that is fixed.

Some filter somewhere under inspector? Now I am just guessing…

Any clue or examples of missing tracks? Maybe there is a clue there?

Yes, the difference is still there. I have only 240 multichannel files, so it is still an open question. But it doesn’t do any harm, I’m just curious… :slight_smile:️

…Now I get it: I have a synchronization app, which stores old versions in a subfolder. Roon detects them, although they are “deleted” ones.
I am excluding the special folder right now, and that’s it…

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Good find, never would have guessed something like this…