How many streaming sources do you have? .. I think I have a problem!

Since going Roon I pretty much listen to Tidal and my local library, I tend to cruise YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp for interest.

Outside of the HiDef sphere of music we’ve got Sonos gear scattered about and as the surround setup for TV. There’s the obvious range of streaming services for video but I seem to have a bunch of subscriptions that I’m questioning … Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Amazon, Spotify, etc … that I don’t feel that I’m listening to that much any more.

Sadly Tidal doesn’t cover the broad spectrum of music we like completely so I need something to augment it but I’m not sure what to cut and what to keep.

Where have others landed since Roon on this conundrum?


Besides Qobuz (I ditched Tidal because of MQA), I tried Amazon Music HD for some of the missing catalogue (in the end, lack of Roon integration was a showstopper, though). It also turns out that some of the ‘missing’ albums actually were in Qobuz, but there were multiple listings of the same artist. Some tweaking in Roon resolved the issues. We still have a Spotify subscription (I’m trying to convert SWMBO to Roon/Qobuz in the main), but Spotify is useful for listening to on the move and in the car. Given the ambient noise levels, hi-fi quality is completely pointless for in-car audio.

Tidal and Qobuz for use with Roon. I have no music files of my own. SiriusXM in my wife’s car. Apple Music for in the car with CarPlay (provided free by Verizon Wireless). Roon lifetime for at home and Audirvana lifetime for away from home. U-Verse internet at home and lots of Verizon Wireless cellular and hotspot data for away from home.