How many time can I authorize and deauthorised a computer?

I am very new to Roon and just purchased a life time membership.

I have a Macbook Pro running with my main audiophile system in the sitting room and another Mac Mini in my study room, and I have installed Roon as the Master in the sitting room.

I understand that I can deauthorized this MBP, and switch my Mac Mini as a Master. However, how many time can I deauthrozied and authorised a computer?

As many as you want.

But if both of them are running in same network I don’t understand the need to switch, you can run one them as remote.

Thank you for the reply.

The reason is sometime I would like to play with my MBP’s library with my main audiophile system (sitting room), however, occasionally, when at work I would like to play with another HiFi system in my study room.

you can play any library in any zone…

I have a dual xeon server and a single xeon microserver as backup.

I just activate the one I want to use or update and deactivate the other one.

I did have 2 yearly licenses but 1 license and switching authorisations makes more sense.

Music Collections are such a big investment that redundancy makes sense to me.



Ah I got you, thank you everyone