How many times have I chosen to play an album?

When I pull up an album I have never listened to from the beginning I may see songs which have been played multiple times (RoonRadio?). I would like to have a counter for the number of times I started the album from the beginning instead of the number of songs my wife heard while she was sewing. Thank you.

If you started the album from the beginning, and played it through, then the track with the lowest count is likely equal to the number of times you played the whole album. If that doesn’t help, maybe set up a different account for your wife so you can keep your play counts separate.

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Thanks @DaveN I am asking for something more, I know. I would just like to know if I ever pushed the “play now” button. Would my wife’s separate account require a fee?

No, but I may have misled you when I said ‘account’. What I should have said was ‘profile’ - it’s been a long week, so my apologies for any confusion. If you want to have a go at setting up a different profile for your wife, click on the small image at the top right of the Roon screen, select ‘Manage Profiles’, then click the ‘+ New Profile’ button to add a new one.

The only downside, if you wish to keep your play counts separate, is that you’ll need to manually switch between profiles to record the play counts to the correct one if you’re both using the same app. If you’re using separate apps (or devices) to initiate playback I think you can set each one to a specific profile rather than needing to switch.

I do tend to listen to entire albums. I appreciate your support but I would like to have some input from others if there is interest. It would be another counter next to the Play Now button. Your solution seems a little more involved and confusing. Thank you again.

I listen to entire albums also. I have no interest or reason to track how many times I’ve listened to individual albums. I have a few I listen to almost every day and some I rarely listen to. It just matters what mood I’m in at the time.

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Thanks @Jim_F . What I’m getting at here is, if I select an album from “ selected for you” or Roon radio, did I ever go back and listen to it?, or did radio play it for my wife?

I would think it doesn’t matter unless you added it to your library. In that case, sort by date added and give it a listen. Anyway, post a feature request in the Feature Request category and Roon may or may not add it.

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I thought I was already in the request section. The wonderful thing about Roon/Qobuz is you can curate a new library, but it means nothing if you can’t tell if you ever listened to it.