How many tracks?

It is not important, but I have noticed that Roon Radio picks more Tidal tracks than from my NAS. It could be that I have more Tidal tracks than on my NAS. Is there a way of finding out ?

Menu > Tracks > Focus > Format > Tidal.

By clicking on the green + Tidal tag that now shows, you can switch between showing your Tidal and non-Tidal, i.e. your NAS.

You can bookmark this focus so you can easily show the result in the future.

Whether all this answers your supposition, I don’t know. If you have the selection Limit Roon Radio to Library set to off, then Roon Radio is picking tracks from the whole of Tidal.

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Thanks again Brian. By looking at Storage Locations I can find the answer, which is that my NAS holds roughly 2 tracks for every 1 on Tidal.

I guess the preponderance of Tidal in Roon Radio must be something to do with the mysterious system followed by Radio.

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