How often do you reboot your Roon core?

I never reboot my Roon core.
I’m running ROCK on a NUC8i5BEK. It’s been ultra stable.

Boots up in like 5 seconds but I do not have any files library, everything is coming from Qobuz (only about 5000 tracks at this point).


I’m running Roon ROCK on NUC (only core without extensions or attached DAC). Long time reboot wasn’t nessesary. But after the last update, I must reboot Rock once a week.

I’m looking forward for the next update to fix this issue.


Running my core on a silent pc Win10 pro. I have a reboot scheduled every night to overcome erroneous behaviour. This is pretty successful for my setup only requiring an additional reboot when resolving networking issues.

I would have said “never” (except for system updates). But the latest Roon update (1.7b536) killed my RoonServer (I had it configured to “Automatically install bugfix and other minor updates”). Ultimately, I had to reboot the machine to get RoonServer working again.

2-3 times, if playing Tidal album from MacMini. And HQPlayer also collapses and has to be starter manually. Every time I take the iPad to start playing Roon, Roon starts it’s update (library, metadata, etc). Everything is running slower and collapses after 2-3 songs. Roon Core is on MacMini i7 3,2 GHZ and 32 GB RAM DDR4 - so it should be enough for the Music library from Qnap TS-453BT3.

I dont reboot my core, but I do have it shutdown and restart on a schedule. Off at 1am and on again at 7am. Saves some power but if I need to I can just disable the shutdown schedule and play all night :headphones:

Hi I wish I could say the same. I run EX but need to restart the Roon server quite regularly as I get Qobuz and even local library to behave as being “frozen”

That is the roon kinds of how to use it.
But you can be used to do.

Yes, it’s true that Roon works that way.

No, one shouldn’t have to get used to it. It’s the result of buggy code.

Man that sucks. I wonder if it’s because the CX alone takes on that role in my set up? Same here, I use Qobuz, ripped CDs and bought files stored on an SSD

I’m on Linux Debian Buster and I have to turn on my ROON server manually. I built a script (crontab) that shuts down the server every day at 01:30 AM. A scheduled backup is executed every day at 01:10 AM and at 01:20 AM the trim command is executed for all SSD’s.

Forgot to mention: Linux Debian is rock solid, so the only reason to shut down the server is to save energy (and the planet)!

Ron runs on a win 10 pro machine here, that carries a fair few background jobs as well. Re boot very occasionally for roon, but only when roon demands it after an update, say 2 or 3 times a year. For Win 10 updates, as and when needed. Roon appears to run well all the time, and as the machine is on 24/7 so is Roon.

I have a Nucleus +, and I would say ay least once a month it just freezes, and will not launch a selection, I need to reboot it to restore functionality.

Hi Bill, I presume you mean you have CX as server and EX as renderer? Off topic but I am curious about whether you see advantages from sound quality point of view with this set up?

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Hi yes you are correct, the CX acts as the Server. It truly is a top end combination and worth adding to your EX. Here is a review from a guy who was well versed in the EX. He then added the CX to have the “CX/EX Solution”…well you can have read

I am running Roon on a Sonicorbiter i9 and it has been rock solid with a reboot maybe once a month.
I was running it on a Synology NAS prior and it was also solid.

Thanks for the feedback!

I run Jriver and Roon together with no issues. I have separate streams , CXN for jriver, RPi for Roon and MyGica for jriver video

If i cross those streams i sometimes get issues so i dont …

I dont believe the jriver db is in memory

Is that Shutdown or Sleep

If its Shutdown you reboot by definition