How often do you reboot your Roon core?

Clearly, you should raise a Support request - this is not normal behaviour.

I suggest you post a Support request in the Support category of the forum. In order for Roon’s support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup and the nature of the issue using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they have a clear understanding of how your devices are connected. Thanks.

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Whenever Roon or Windows forces a restart after an update which is once or twice a month. I run Roon server on a single purpose NUC 10 with minimal software and services running.

I cannot understand the fear of rebooting

I live in an area with 2 major drawbacks.

Lightening storms almost daily in Summer
A power utility Thant cannot maintain a continuous supply.

My lightening experience is the “frying” of most of my hi fi one nasty event.

So I power down nightly , whenever there is a storm and currently 2 other times a day. My start up process is careful.

I now run my core on a NUC , previously on Windows 10 (2 different machines over the years)

I never have had a single Roon stability problem

Not sure if that says anything but why not reboot ???

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I also power down daily. Rock is extremely stable, but electricity is extremely expensive!

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I need to restart Roon every 2-3 hours (!!!). Otherwise, changing from a song to a new one or switching albums take as long as 10-20 sec when the previous song has played for >3min (no gap at all between songs if a full album is played straight). I restart, and problem comes back overtime: the longer the session, the worst the problem even if Roon is not playing anything. Quite desperate…
Running Roon on a Mac mini M1 with 8gb and a 150k songs library (I know I better had 16gb…but Roon only consumes around 4gb of the 8gb - “green” RAM consumption all the time, 0 disk exchange usage)

I would raise a support thread this is obviously not right

I already did some weeks ago. Problem not solved yet.

Last time my nuc/rock was cycled it had been up for 110 days as I recall. On a UPS backup so power outages are not an issue. Only cycled when required for updates or I happen to think about it.

It is often playing for days nonstop in the office, depending on music playlist from daily mixes and Roon Radio following up. We have an old cat that lives in the office and rarely ventures out. Crazy as it sounds, low volume easy listening music keeps her company.

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Today, the power company was doing some work and I lost power.

When power was restarted, I brought the ROCK machine back up and immediately did a Restore from last night’s backup. Didn’t give it a second thought.

In the case of Roon database integrity, better safe than sorry.


This is also my policy in the event of any power outage.

Hi Fred,

I’m having the same problems, but with a Nucleus+ and 700, 000 tracks.

Do you have a similar number of songs?

With such a number of tracks I would suggest you are probably best with at least 16 but probably 32gb of ram

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In the same boat.

I have a script to restart the roon server nightly, overnight. Just easier that way, then I don’t have to worry about it.

But if I don’t then after 3-4 days it slows to a crawl.

The latest release notes did mention a fix for an issue of slowing down remotely until a UI freeze, not sure if it’s related but we’ll see.

Edit: yes seemingly should be at least helped by this new release. Will try and report back. Memory Leak in Roon - Solved Update to Build 970

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Thanks for the reply, yes I upgraded the ram to 32 about 8 months ago, afterwards Ronn was initially
faster and less sluggish unfortunately Roon seems to have lost those initial gains.

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Have you updated to the latest build 970 which was released today?
It may help.


It sure has, problem solved :slight_smile:


I’ll shut off my restart script and see what happens!

Only when installing updates or the power gets cut. If you need to restart your core regularly, something is wrong.

If you want a stripped down system to run roon, why go through all that effort instead of just running linux?

ROCK on my NUC 7i7 just made it to 350 days uptime before the latest OS was released and it needed a reboot for that. We have had a couple of very short power blips in the last year but it is connected to a small UPS and didn’t notice.