How Often Does Roon Analyze The Library?

I ask only because I just happened to look today and it was showing that it had analyzed only a few hundred of the 10,000 or so tracks in my library. The speed was set to “Throttle.” I changed it to 2 core last night and it has now done 6,000 + tracks (about 18 hours later). I’m just wondering if Roon has never fully analyzed my library since I subscribed (over a year ago) or if it periodically re-analyzes the library and that is what it was doing when I looked last night.

The 1.3 upgrade switched to a new volume leveling algorithm (I believe we switched to R128 from ReplayGain), which required re-analyzing everything. I would expect that this sort of thing will continue to happen as we add new ways of extracting useful information from your collection, but I wouldn’t expect it to happen happen monthly or whatever.