How sensitive is the ROON backup to how the music files are stored?

The music library here is currently accessed by ROON on two HDDs in this PC.

My question relates to backups of that library. Will the ROON backup still work to restore data if the music library is no longer on 2 HDDs?

SCENARIO (which I hope never happens): There is a massive melt down and the music files in this PC are corrupted. The music library has been backed up on 3 rather than two HDDs. Those 3 HDDS are then accessed by ROON (so it is now finding music on 3 HDDs instead of two).

QUESTION: Will the ROON backup made before (with the library on 2 HDDs) restore everything OK or will it detect the library has changed location so the earlier data will not be restored?

Hi John,

  • The Roon database will first restore.
  • The Roon will check if the references to the files are valid.
  • If not valid and the files are missing, this will show up in library clean up.
  • If the files have been relocated, Roon will find then and update the database to reflect the new location.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Carl

So, if I interpret correctly, it will eventually restore but might take a couple more steps before achieving it. So, to avoid those complications, better to restore the music files on an HDD setup similar to that used when the ROON back up was done.

Having a large library (now 17,000+) I do get nervous about insuring it does not get lost in a catastrophic crash so now backup on external HDDs which are not connected to the PC. And I include a ROON BU (on a small chip) with them.