How show artwork on multiple disc albums?

Hello guys.
The structure that I use for my 2 Disc CD albums that I’ve got ripped is this:

Artist \ (year) Album_title \

And inside that album folder I have 3 folders:

  • (year) Album_title CD 1
  • (year) Album_title CD 2
  • Artwork

In all my albums that I follow this format, I cannot have Roon show the Artwork.
I have searched but I haven’t found something to solve this.

Any ideas on how to approach this?
I include an example in pictures:



I think the artwork has to be in the CD folder.
Here’s Roon’s suggestions for multiple disc folder structure.

But you could can edit the artwork for albums manually.

I never thought that just changing the folder name to “CD1” and “CD2” would make such a difference and fix everything.
Thanks mate.

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I have another case that I don’t know how to handle:
If the albums contains 2 discs that are named a bit differently? How is this shown on Roon and how should the folder structure look like?

Ayreon - 01011001
This album has 2 discs and each is named a differently.
The first one is called Y and the second one is called Earth.

But on Roon, this classification doesn’t exist anywhere. How should I treat this?

2 more examples:

I would really appreciate any advice guys.

I have this use case in a few of my multi-disc albums. In this specific case, I keep them separated into different albums (e.g., ALBUM - TITLE 1 is separate from ALBUM - TITLE 2). This is a more unqiue and special case, usually around album themes. Otherwise if you don’t care about the specific sub-title, group them as you would the other multi-disc albums.

Your solution, would lead me to have duplicate artwork folders. Each Album would have to have one of those duplicates.

On the other hand, there is this case:

This album of Ayreon has them organized in sections. And each song is presented as being part of one of those sections.

And it’s presented properly in Roon.

Can I edit things and organize them as shown above? Like being part of a section?
Because at the end of the day, that’s what it is. A named section inside of an album. It just happens to be that each section is one of the discs of the album.

You might be able to use the WORK and PART tags as a workaround to achieve this. Take a look at the relevant section of this article on file tags:

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For clarification, Roon recognizes CD1, CD2 etc and bulks then as the appropriate album as long as the Album Name Tag is set to the same Album Name , if you add Album Name CD1 etc , Roon will struggle because that is NOT the album name

Add anything else it won’t

Eg for big boxes users try to split off “pseudo albums”


CD1 - Album 1
CD2 - Album 2

CDx - Album x

If the Album tag is set as the new album name , Roon will assume these are all individual albums and treat as such. The problem lies when the CD Number also increments so CD2 will be Album 2 with CD Number =2 , the album Roon tries to recognize will no doubt be a single album hence CD Number = 1 ie a mismatch

As you get to CD 99 it just gets worse.

The only time you should add anything after an album name is where a version is involved in which case Roon will see [Version] or (Version) as the version name

Eg My Beatles folder …


Will create 2 versions of Revolver , individual folders under the Super Deluxe are simply CD1 etc

Clear as mud ??

PS bracketing the (2016) may confuse as Roon may recognize as Version info, I have fount 2016 - Album Name works fine

Not true an Artwork folder contents will be shown as long as the album subfolders are simple CD1 etc

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