How to access Favourites on Android App?

Have both android phone and Ipad comtrolling Roonserver.

Have a fair few Favourite tracks and albums stored, but unlike when using the Ipad I cant find a way to access them on my Android phone?

Anyone help out please?
Assuming you can access favourites on Android and Im missing something obvious! :slight_smile:


Hi Gaz,

You canโ€™t directly access your favourites from the phone app (right now anyway).

However, using your iPad, go to the Tracks Browser and click the heart to show your favourites. Then create a bookmark by clicking the bookmark icon at the top right of the screen (next to the search). Call it Tracks Favourites, or whatever you want.

The bookmark will be available for you to access on the phone app.

Cheers, Greg

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Works a treat!
Favourite Albums works too.

Thanks Greg. :slight_smile:

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Didnโ€™t know that, thanks for the tip!