How to access MQA from my present set up

Hello all. I’ve been a Roon/Tidal HI-FI subscriber for a couple of years. Love the system, been anxiously waiting for MQA. My system has been running smooth. Never had a drop out. My system consists of a QNAP NAS with the Roon 1.5 (323) core on an SSD and music library (200 cds and 50 or so albums added from Tidal) on separate HDs and backup drive, ethernet takes it to a 3 foot fiber optic junction and back again to ethernet into a Sonore Micro Rendu. Curious cable USB to an Auralic Vega DAC. My remote is an Ipad with the 1.5 upgrade. My computer is an IMAC (2007) 2GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO with 4 GB memory running OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan. The MAC is on the network but I just fire up my stereo and use the Ipad.

Can I access MQA from the Ipad or do I have to use the MAC as remote and if so what Roon software has to be installed on the MAC. Any helpful hints would be much appreciated.

You can use either iMac or iPad as remote but iPad if fine … just browse to TIDAL and click on the Masters tab, select an album and play. You should see something similar to this in the signal path.

If you don’t, post a screenshot (on iPad, press on/off button and hold, then press home button.)

It’s even better than that, or not depending on your perspective, Roon will prioritze MQA over FLAC. If the same album is available in both formats, you’ll get MQA unless you select Versions and explicitly choose FLAC.

Only if you add the TIDAL Master to your library. If you select a 44.1/16 release not in your library that’s what will be played.

I was expecting a knock down drag out fight to get this to work…this is too easy! I just sat down before reading your replies and clicked on Tidal, went to Masters and everything is playing in higher format as per your screenshot. This isn’t fair, I didn’t have to take Advils or yell at the kids!!! Thanks much