How to access my back-ups on windows explorer after 880

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 64 bit

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Router > SOtM Switch sNH 10G
I also control Roon from my android phone.

Connected Audio Devices

SOtM 200 Ultra USB to Chord TT2 DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

80,000 but not all loaded up. I use Qobuz/Tidal playlists mostly.

Description of Issue

I am still stuck at “There was an issue loading your database” since last Tuesday.I have submitted the ProForma with LOGS to Support but have received nothing back from them, have they broken up for Xmas or something? I don’t even know whether I have any backups as I don’t know how to check on windows explorer. Would anyone be able to provide a step by step guide as to how to do that ? I don’t mind losing my playlists but I don’t even know how to start afresh. Thanks.

Do you know where you set-up roon to do the back-up?
first look in roon under “settings/backups” and click on “browse” in the section that says "“find backups”

If you do not see it there, try searching in windows explorer under “this PC” for “RoonBackups” to find the location of the backup (assuming you stored them on the PC you are on).

Once you find the location you can then go back to the “find backups” in Roon and browse to the location or add the location if it is not there. If you provide screen shots of what you are seeing it will help to guide you though this.

Also review this for more info (in particular the “restoring backups” section):

Thanks for that.


I have established that I have zero backups, even after 4 years of Roon.

Am I correct in saying, firstly, that if I uninstall Roon, and download 882, I will lose my 1,000+ Playlists, but I will have a fully functioning Roon again ?

Secondly, is there any possibilty of there being an 883, in the near future, which will solve the problem & allow me to retain my playlists ?


If you haven’t yet updated and still have your playlists start a backup now. Go to Settings>Backups and select Backup now.

I would, but the home page flashes momentarily, Roon tells me it’s building the database, and I always end up at “There was an issue loading your database”.


883? Definitely not. At some later point, it is possible. There are many types of corrupt, and many are not salvageable.

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