How to activate auto sleep mode for Roon Ready Devices

How can I activate auto sleep mode for Roon Ready Devices in the new Roon vs 1.7 (build 537).

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Felix_D,

You can read about enabling Auto Sleep here. Note that not every Roon Ready device supports this.

I’m not seeing the auto sleep feature on my device pages. If one’s device(s) don’t support it, does the option not appear?

No it doesn’t. I have two Roon Certified endpoints. It is there on one, not the other.

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I started collecting info on which devices are supported as Roon does not seem to provide a list.

Feel free to add your (un-)supported devices.

Hi Rohangis,

Please put the sMS-200ultra streamer from SOtM on your list which does not support the Auto Sleep function. However, please realize that this streamer has a power consumption of only 10W.

I added it, and also provided the info on consumption. However, the ELAC, the Hifiberry and the Naim all consume less then 10W (but the Auralic is around 40W if I remember correctly). I try to retrieve that info, too, and will add it.

In total, if it comes to power consumption, I think the Naim is really good, but it’s also pretty expensive. It will take some time (decades? centennials?) to make up for the extra EUR 2000 by saving the extra money for electricity.

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