How to add a missing track to an album?

After copying an album to the Roon monitored folder, I discovered one track was missing from the album. The label sent me the missing track, which I copied to the album’s folder. Roon failed to recognize the added track, it remained missing from the album’s track listing. I tried the command “Re-Scan Album” to no avail. I also tried the command “Fix Track Grouping” to no avail, as the track remained missing in the list. So, basically giving up, I used the command “Delete Album” and then recopied the entire album to the Roon monitored folder, which solved the problem. I also found that this deletion caused the loss of an image that I had manually attached to one of the artists listed on the album.
Is there a better way to add a track without having to use this deletion process? Or maybe this is a bug and “Re-Scan Album” should have found the track?
Thank you,

Did you try forcing a rescan of your library? Sometimes Roon is not aware of a change to a folder (especially if on a NAS). The rescan will not take long. If that didn’t work, then perhaps the track popped up as a new “album” with the single track… In which case, select that and the original album and merge them.


I did not try a rescan of the library, good idea. The track may have popped up in a different album, I did not think of that, in any case if it did, now anyway (after delete and recopy) that album is gone now. I will watch for this. Thank you.

Assuming re-scan doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to group the tracks together.

In the Tracks browser, start by selecting all the tracks. If you’re having problems finding them, you can enable the Path column.

Once you’ve selected all the tracks in the album, click Edit in the top-right, then click Group Tracks.

Thank you mike, I will try this.