How to add album cover / album art to a otherwise rightly identified album

I have quite a number of albums without the original cover art . Is Roon allowing for a search on the internet for the right picture/cover art ?

I add covers manually for unidentified albums but haven’t had a problem where the album is identified. Select the album and the Edit/Rescan to see if that fixes it.

If not, find an online cover, save image as “folder” to the album directory and then Edit/Rescan.

Thanks andybob

It works exactly as you you said - i mean the second option : finding - saving as folder - edit/scan
So nice when you can give a working option to solve one`s problem .


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I usually save the image elsewhere, on my Remote Desktop, and then edit the album, select edit fields, and drag the image in.

Haven’t tried drag lately (what a great out of context line !) but I had problems with it in Windows 8.1. I’ll check it again when I get home.