How to add an audio input to roon


I’ve been trying for a while to add an audio input to my roon setup (for example an analog one or being able to play youtube audio through my speakers).

Have anyone tried to create an audio flux on a local network and add it as a Roon live radio ? I tried to do it with icecast, did not get very far yet, but I wanted to know if anyone had tried that before.

Yes, they have. In fact, there’s an extension which does exactly this.

Check out rooExtend® EXTENSION BOX FÜR ROON – rooextend

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The developer of rooExtend (@DrCWO ) is also active in the forum - usually in the #audio-gear-talk category.

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Also see

What you are looking for will be delivered by rooPlay.

All your questions are welcome here: rooPlay - From LP, CD and iPhone to Roon - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

Best DrCWO

Another option that works well for me is to use butt - broadcast using this tool ( together with Icecast

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Thank you for all your answers. I did not look into all of them yet, but I did get something to play through butt and icecast, with a janky setup, but it worked, for what it was worth. The butt and icecast option seemed to be the easiest one with the hardware I have, but the latency was so huge (around 3 to 5 seconds), it makes it useless with any video playing.
I don’t think there is any way to reduce the latency enough to make it usable with this solution. And even if there was, roon live radio seems to cache the audio more than for example vlc, so that’s that approach seems unlikely to get me anything satisfying.
I’ll keep digging when I get around to it !

You are right, the buffers in Roon prevent live audio streams from TV.

Are these options Bitperfect and automatic samperate changing?