How to add extensions on nucleus+

i just got me a nucleus+ and I can’t figure out how to add extensions to the systems. been looking through the posts here, but didn’t find anything that seems to answer my question. So, any help is much appreciated.

this is how my extensions look like at the time being when I was expecting to see a list of available extensions:

thanks for your help!

At this time, you can’t install extensions on a Nucleus/Nucleus+ or a NUC running ROCK OS. Extensions need to be installed elsewhere in the network, on a PC, Mac, or Linux box. They will be discovered by Roon, and automatically be included.

ok…got it. thanks for pointing me in the right direction @Geoff_Coupe

At the time being this is not the case. Only active extensions show up there. A list of available extensions can be found here.

A raspberry pi running dietpi has the ability to install the extension manager need for running many of the extensions available

Indeed. Our domotica (home automation) system runs on a RPi, and I’ve installed the extension manager on it as well. No need to install on a box that is running Roon.

Is this box required to be running at all times, or just for the initial install? If the former, can extensions somehow be installed on a QNAP NAS and recognized by the Nucleus?

The extension needs to be running for it to be discoverable and displayed in the Roon Core. I don’t know whether extensions can be installed/run on a QNAP NAS. Anyone else know?

Irony is that I just removed the only dedicated PC on my network when I got the Nucleus. It was only being used to run UniFi controller and Roon. Once i got the Nucleus and the Unifi Cloud Key, I no longer needed that PC.

Hopefully either the QNAP will work, or Roon will find a way for the Nucleus to run extensions.

You can run extensions on a RPi - at least some of them…probably more to come.

If your QNAP supports Container Station then you can try the Extension Manager Docker image. You can read about it in the Wiki. Check out the DockerHub link and the link marked as “QNAP specifics”.

Thanks @Jan_Koudijs! Unfortunately I don’t really understand how to install. Anyone able to provide a bit more detail on the steps to get me started?

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