How to add info for new artist

My friend has released a couple of albums and of course I am using Roon to play them. I thought it would be fun if he could create a profile somehow so that his artist info is available within Roon. Is that a possibility? How does artist info get into Roon?

Roon doesn’t have a library per se. It manages local collections, and streams content from radio stations, Qobuz, and Tidal.

Edit: As Jim stated below, you can add metadata info in the fields.

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When you add the albums, you can click on credits for each track and add the artists by name and instrument they play. You only create their name the first time, then reference it the next time. They will then show up in credits for each track as well as credits for the album.


Thanks for the input. I’ve got the artist name, composer info, and track names. What I am looking for is the bio info. You know how when you pull up any famous artist, there is a history about them. And when you select an album, Roon provides more info that is specific to the album. Where does that info come from? How does one get listed? Thanks again!

Probably comes from the metadata providers. You would need to be famous, I suppose. You can edit the album artist and add a few facts, but I don’t see a way to add verbiage.