How to add music to Roon nucleus+ with additional SSD drive

Hi all-
I am thinking of purchasing a Nucleus + to replace my current home-brewed HTPC which currently serves as my core, connected via USB to my mytek Brooklyn DAC. My current HTPC has an internal drive which I have set up as a share and I copy new music from my master location (a separate PC where I do ripping and tagging) to this drive using robocopy scripts. My plan is to get the nucleus +, add a high-capacity internal SSD drive and connect the nucleus to my mytek Brooklyn DAC via USB. Basically keeping everything the same, except the core hardware.
My question is, once I install the internal drive in the nucleus, how do it get my music on to that drive? Does the nucleus expose the drive as a network shareable device? I haven’t found any documentation on this.

Also, is anyone using a mytek connect to the nucleus via USB? Just curious about the setup and quality.

Yes it does. See the section “Copying Music to the Drive” in this Help Center article:

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Yes, I have a Mytek DAC + connected to a Nucleus + via USB connection.

Thanks to both @Geoff_Coupe and @jb76 for your answers. Don’t know how I issued the whole manual…

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