How to add new firmware BIN and config files to ROCK

We know that ROCK is custom Linux with limited firmware support, however can I unmount my hard-drive with ROCK OS and read/write it, adding new firmware drivers and config files to ROCK system?

Any one try that with a SATA-to-USB reader to do this?

Hello @Billy_Shen, this is certainly outside normal Roon usage, so I’ll move this to the #tinkering section where it may get more attention.

thanks Brian

Roon is is locked down on purpose. If you need or want to modify anything you should be using a standard Linux distro.

I appreciate that stance and I agree with it in this case where roon also offers an option for linux, macOS, and win if you want to tinker.

However, you have physical access to the box, so all bets are off. With enough motivation you can modify rock if you wanted. The only thing I’d change is the machine name, and I haven’t been suitably motivated to mess with it just for that.