How to adjust the "radio."

There is NO documentation for the radio that I have been able to find. I understand how to start the radio, but I do not understand how it works. for example, why does a radio starting with Tord Gustavsen end up playing screechy, random horns going after each other without ANY melody? What is ironic, is that the radio gets to EXACTLY the same place if I start with Jesse Cook!!! This is just bizarre.

When I play the radio, it plays 90%-95% of songs from my local files and very little from Tidal. Now I have quite a few albums in my collection but nowhere near the claimed 25 million that Tidal has. Why doesn’t the radio draw more from Tidal? How do I change the radio so it brings in more tidal content?

Given this strangeness in the radio function, I tried to build a playlist with criteria that are salient to me (and obviously NOT to Roon), but no documentation again! The short video clips that Roon claims explain things do not have ANY audio and so are worse than worthless because they waste time. How do you create a playlist? I have been referred by this forum to a couple of conversations that simply do NOT explain how to do this.

Thanks for any coherent assistance you might be able to provide given the dearth of anything from Roon,

Hi Mike! Sorry for the frustration. A great way to get the answers you’re looking for is to search the forum.

For example, your question about Radio picking more tracks from Tidal was answered here. As mentioned, right now Radio only picks from your Roon library, although we plan to expand that in the future. For the moment, the only Tidal content that will be selected are songs and albums you’ve added to your library.

Having said that, your question about expanding the scope of what Radio plays was discussed here. Some discussions of known issues and planned improvements for Radio are here and here, and some basic information about Radio and how it works is here.

I think you’re right that we could use better documentation on playlists, and I’ll be writing up something soon – the simple answer is that any piece of content in Roon can be added to a playlist by selecting it and clicking the + plus button. (Songs and albums can be selected by right-clicking, or by clicking and holding.)

If you want to use Radio to build playlists, you can just select the tracks you want – you can select them once they’ve been added to the Queue, or click the + as they’re playing, or you can select them after they’ve been played (in History).

Sorry for the frustration Mike. We’ve discussed some wiki-style documentation in the future, but right now the best way to get your questions answered is to just ask! We’re here to help :smile:

Thanks for the question!


To function well, one really needs to be able to set some parameters for track selection. It’s frustrating when the same artists appear over and over again in the queue. To be able to limit selections to one track / per artist would be a great help.

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You indicted six months ago that you were writing something on making playlists in Roon. I can’t find it… Please advise.

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