How to - as an enduser - identify a known error in Roon?

From time to time, by using Roon, I come across an unexpected behavior in the software. As long as the behavior is bothering me enough and persists or is reproducible, I start wondering if it is an actual issue with the software.

First natural thing to do I feel is to browse through the available knowledge base (Roon forum), to see if my issue has already been documented. Currently, I am able to browse through all the individual support threads (incidents) created in the forum but do not seem to be able to easily filter out (longstanding) accepted but yet-to-be-resolved problems (known errors).

Am I wrong on the above? Having each known error documented including workaround could potentially:

  • Decrease amount of support or feature request threads.
  • Improve enduser satisfaction through even more accessible knowledge base.
  • Improve enduser satisfaction by allowing endusers to form more realistic expectations about what is (not) to be addressed by Roon team.

The above could be achievable by having a dedicated Roon forum tag/category. (Similarly to “Feature Requests”, there could be “Known Errors” mark assignable by Roon forum staff. The most recent or critical known errors could also be pinned for improved visibility within the forum.)

As an example, one candidate for a known error: Not getting Artist Search results

If indeed not possible to search for known errors in the forum, please mark this thread as “Feature Requests”.

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I have also made the request to have “Report Bug” section in support. It’s glaringly obvious that this is missing.

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For accepted issues, this search:

may help.


Not the same as „Report Bug“

Thanks for the link, so at least there is something!

I wonder though…

  1. Why is the example mentioned by me above not included in the results of the search? Based on the information available in the topic, it really seems to be a clear candidate for a known error.

  2. Why are there no workarounds specified in the topics retrieved by the search? I’ve browsed through some of the topics and cannot find anything more than just “we have created a ticket on the dev team to have this fixed”. For the example mentioned by me above, there is a workaround achieved by adding an album of the artist in question to your library which makes the artist page correctly displayed including one’s discography. I would want such workaround to be highlighted to endusers to keep our user experience as good as possible before (if at all) a permanent fix is deployed.

  3. Why isn’t there a more straightforward way to retrieve the list? This does not really seem to be intuitive from the perspective of regular (inexperienced) internet users.

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