How to assign tracks to an Album

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OS 10.15.4. Roon 1.7 Build 528
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Mac Mini – UA Apollo 8

Description Of Issue

I’m trying to add my own recorded songs (wav files) to internal storage on Nucleus, where all my other music is stored. I’ve created a folder with my album title on the storage drive in Nucleus. I can edit the album and add my own artwork. The problem is that when I add a new track to that file folder, Roon creates a separate album for the track and I can’t figure out how to assign or move the newly added track to my existing album. Since it’s my own music, there is no album Roon can find in its database. Is there a way to assign tracks to existing albums if the album is not in Roon’s database, but just exists on internal storage?

Thank you.

Hi @Anthony_Saracino,

You can take the new album that was created and use the Merge Albums function to combine it with the existing album.

Excellent, thank you very much. It would be easier if individual tracks could be assigned directly to an existing album, but the Merge feature certainly works.

Thanks again,


Hi @Anthony_Saracino,

When adding a track, is it in the same folder as the other tracks from the album? Do they all have the same file tag information for the album?

Yes, I copy them to the same folder as the other tracks as a wav file. But Roon automatically creates a separate album for the newly added track before I can add file tag information for that track in Roon. And even when I add the file tag information afterwards, it just modifies the new album - it doesn’t move the track to the existing album.

P.S. I do not see where in Roon I can add album info when editing track data. Am I missing something?

Hi @Anthony_Saracino,

The file info I’m referring to is the actual file tags, and not something edited in Roon. You can see the file tags by using something like MP3Tag. Having all of the files with the same album tag should help Roon import them properly.

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